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Project Summary

The proposal is for a wind energy facility which will consist of:

  • Up to 116 Turbines with hardstands
  • Height to the tip of the blade at its highest point, up to 220m
  • 75km of internal track and local road improvements
  • Temporary on site quarry to reduce heavy vehicle movement on local roads
  • Terminal station to connect to the 220kV grid network
  • Operations and maintenance building with car parking
  • Most internal cabling will be underground however there could potentially be up to 15km of overhead line within the wind farm
  • Up to four permanent meteorological masts
  • Up to three temporary site compounds and concrete batching plant facilities

The design has been be shaped by a number of technical, engineering and environmental studies which include:

  • Flora and Fauna
  • Landscape and Visual Impact
  • Noise
  • Heritage
  • Shadow Flicker and Blade Glint
  • TV & Radio Reception
  • Aviation Impacts
  • Transport Impacts
  • Geology and Hydrology